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Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

For thousands of years, cultures all around the globe have been healing disease with medicines made from the local plants growing in their environment. Ancient Chinese, Indian and Native Americans have been especially adept at creating herbal mixtures that rival some of today's most potent Western medications in their potency and effectiveness. In fact, many Western medications are made from extracts of the same plants that the ancients used whole in their preparations.

Two of the biggest differences between these approaches are the speed of onset of their effects and their side-effects. There is no doubt that most Western drugs will achieve their intended effect faster than herbs. If I have a patient in extreme pain, or with a severe infection for example, I may perform acupuncture, but I am also going to recommend Western medication to quickly resolve the acute problem.

Where Chinese herbal medicine really shines is in treating chronic problems. Most Western medications will cause unpleasant or even serious side-effects if used long enough. Not so with herbs. All the herbs I use are safe to use long-term, are free of side-effects and are accepted by most patients by adding them to food or a special treat. For the many pets I treat with chronic problems, daily herbal administration and occasional acupuncture helps them live much longer, fuller lives.

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